Muddy Waters - Godfather of Chicago Blues


When the best of Australian blues players come together to play the songs of Muddy Waters it is something that you have got to see.

Chicago blues is the foundation of Rock'n'Roll. So if you like your 60s and 70s rock or just about any kind of music with a soulful backbeat then it is true to say that it came from Chicago Blues. Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and even Led Zep served up for large doses of music that had borrowed from Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.

Look at this award winning cast:

  • Dom Turner - Guitar and Vocals (ARIA award winner leader of The Backsliders)
  • Jeremy Edwards - Guitar and Vocals
  • Ian Collard - Harmonica and Vocals( ARIA award winner of COLLARD GREENS AND GRAVY and twice Runner Up of International Blues Challenge) 
  • Kevin Bennett -Guitar and Vocals (Golden Guitar winner and leader of THE FLOOD)
  • Don Hopkins - Piano and Vocals ( 2012 2nd place in International Blues Challenge)
  • Johnny Cass - Guitar and Vocals
  • Curtis Martin - Drums
  • Tim Curnick - Bass