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Theatre Technical Specifications



STAGE SIZE: Width - 8.4m (at front) / 9.8m total Depth – 4.8m
Ceiling Height – 3m+ (Stage Plan can be provided on request)
Power is 3 Phase 240V 6 Outlet


DESK: SmartFade ML- 4 x Movers on 2 separate DMX feeds
FRONT BAR: 3 x 1200w Profiles, 3 x 1000w Fresnels, 2 x Multipars, Projector, 2 x Movers
SIDE BARS: 6 x Fresnels – 3 per side
2 STATIC BARS: 10 x Multipars, 8 x Par 64’s, 2 x Movers
PROJECTOR: Panasonic PT-MW730 Projector. WXGA Resolution, 8000 Lumens



Allen and Heath GLD80 48 Ch Digital Console + on-stage DSP MixRack, 8FX
Foldbacks: 24 channel - 6 sends – QSC K Series, Mackie, RCF, CD Player - Denon
Mics: 6 x Shure SM58 vocal microphones, 3 x Shure SM 57 vocal microphones, 3 x Beta 87 microphones,2 x AT 4050 microphones, 1 x AT AE2500 Kick Drum Mic, 3 x AT ATM350 Clip-ons, 2 x Calrec MT40 condensors,
1 x Nady Drum microphones kit, 2 x Stereo DI’s, 2 x Hotbox DI’s.


Doors Open: 7:30pm Doors Close: 11:45pm
Artist Sound check: MUST be completed by 6:00pm
Bump In: from 4:00pm Bump Out: completed by 11:30pm
DRESSING ROOM: Behind stage - large single room, bar fridge, bathroom

Front of House:
Speakers - QMX Juniors, powered by 2x Turbo Australian Monitor AM1600 Amplifier, 2 x QSC K10’s infills, 4 x QSC K10’s monitors
Wedges: 2 x QSC – 12 inch 2-way 2000W
Subwoofers: 2 x QSC K181 1000W

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